Why Custom Bathing Suits for Women are so Important

A woman was given a million dollar choice to select between an ill-tempered lover and an ill-fitting bathing suit. Without batting her eyelids she chose the ill-tempered lover and laughed all the way to the bank.
When the snoopy media caught up with her she explained that an ill-tempered lover can be very rough and exciting in bed. But she would have made an absolute spectacle of herself had she turned up at the beach in an ill-fitting bathing suit.

Custom bathing suits are not just a passing fad. The market knows what sells and how to sell it. Those of us who belong to an earlier generation would testify to the embarrassment of Princess Anne because a pesky photographer once captured her rear view, which revealed an ill-fitting panty. The next day the tabloids went to town with the catchy headline “Even Royalty Wears ill-fitting Underwear”

A panty is not for public display, but women became careful after the Princess Anne episode. Naturally the market smelled a good business opportunity. It overplayed the consequences of being caught wearing under-sized inner wear or bathing suits. Within no time, the rich and famous were demanding custom bathing suits and swimming suits not to cancel out any chance of being caught with their pants down, but rather in the wrong-sized panties.

It is tough competition among women to be seen in the latest swimwear and for manufacturers to be ahead of the game. However, the latest market surveys show that neither the women nor the manufacturers are really complaining.

In fact, the market for custom bathing suits has expanded exponentially in the last decade. The rich pick up the entire range of new swimsuits which hit the market, while the low end shoppers settle for what China has to offer in more affordable options.

Market analysts know that a perfect fitting bathing suit for women is a huge challenge. If the cup size is right, they will complain about the tight waistline. If the waistline is perfect, then they’ll find fault with the swimsuit cutting right into their delicate behinds.

Sharp women usually do their research on what kind of bathing suit should go with their certain body type. One online buyer admitted that without any understanding of the importance of body types, she would never have chosen the swimsuit which she finally bought.

Based on her experience, she then drew up a checklist for other buyers. At the top of the list was the importance of a bathing suit in enhancing a woman’s assets. She then gave secondary importance to the feel good factor.

For those who take their swimming seriously she recommended a one-piece swimwear. She argued that a swimsuit was not for showing off one’s body, but mainly to feel comfortable inside a pool or on the beach. Of course, that doesn’t mean that women shouldn’t look attractive or even sexy in their swimwear.


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