How to connect your PC with television using HDMI extender

Generally, a HDMI cable is very helpful to transmit both HD audio and video at the similar time. It is most probably suitable to connect your outdoor mounted TV set as some other connections being connected outside. When you are using hdmi extender to connect your television to the outdoor sets, you have to use some of the protective elements like PVC pipes to avoid different damages due to weather conditions or something else.

Using HDMI extender cable:

  • When you are using this hdmi cable to connect your television and computer to experience the high definition video and audio, you have to plug one end of this cable in to the hdmi output at the back of your video source like television, blu-ray player, computer, or a video output on the back side of the audio amplifier.
  • Then, the users can run a HDMI cable along a baseboard until you are reaching a door direct to the backyard.
  • First, you have to drill a specific hole through the door side using the portable driller.
  • After that, you can measure a distance between the backyard or patio door to the outside mounted television. You should have a necessary size of PVC pipe in a length measured for this distance between the doors to your television.
  • In this step, you can place your hdmi extender module just next to this hole you made.
  • You need to plug one end of the table into this extender module.
  • Then, power supply of the model will also be plugged in to the wall socket in order to get enough power.
  • You have to plug the end of another hdmi cable in to other connection on this HDMI extender cable. Then, push free end of this cable through a hole.

Remaining steps to use HDMI extender cable:


Once you have finished all above steps to make use of the HDMI cable extender, you then have to follow these steps.

  • You need to place a PVC flat panel on the floor of the patio or on the ground.
  • After that, you have to line up one panel end with a hole which was already drilled and another end with the bottom of outside mounted television.
  • In order to finish the set up process, you need to run a HDMI extending cable along a full length of PVC pipe and push it into the slot at the top of the panel until it gets inside.
  • In the next step, you have to turn your panel over to pull the end of the hdmi cable out of the panel end.
  • Then, you should need to insert an hdmi plug into the connector of the HDMI unit on the outdoor mounted television.

For the finishing process, you can apply a silicone paste to the outside and inside of a drilled hole to protect the wall from different elements causing damages


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