How to choose the right table lamp

A table lamp is an important household thing that lights up the room as well as decorates the home. When buying a table lamp people have to be very cautious so that they can avoid wasting their precious time as well as money. There are several reasons why people are looking for a table lamp to buy. They can buy it to read books at night or use it as a night stand. Knowing the reason for which they are buying it will help people in knowing the things to look for while choosing the lamp. They have to consider the size of lamp, bulb wattage and type of shade while buying led table lamps. When it comes to light bulb people can choose from LED and CFL bulbs. If a person wants the lamp to use it as a decorative item, he can go with a low wattage light bulb.

Benefits of using LED lamps

LED lights are the most exciting and latest technological advancement made in the electrical or lighting industry. LED bulbs are solid bulbs that are energy efficient as well as long lasting. These lights function differently than conventional or ordinary incandescent light bulbs. Thus, LEDs are more durable and rugged than other light bulbs. The light emitting diodes technology offers several advantages over neon, fluorescent and incandescent lighting devices. Some advantages of LED lamps are lower energy usage, higher safety and reduced maintenance costs. These lights are being used for several applications such as aerospace, residential lighting, automotive, broadcasting, architectural lighting, electronic instrumentation and industrial automation. People can find these lights available in different colors such as red, blue, green and amber. Traditional or ordinary bulbs are using filters for producing colors and they are inefficient. But, LEDs can blend well together to produce several color options. Nowadays, these lights are becoming the most preferred lighting option of both residential and professional users. This lighting technology is advancing and producing brighter light bulbs.

Buy energy efficient LED table lamps

The arrival of led table lamps has given lot of benefits to people.

  • These lamps not only give more brighter and powerful lighting, but also save on electricity.
  • Light emitting diode or a LED bulb can last for maximum 100,000 hours. This means users do not have to replace the bulbs often.
  • The light produced is whiter and brighter, rather than the off-white or soft white light produced by filament bulbs.
  • LED desk or table lamps are very directional as they can be easily directed to shine the light into someone like reading area. This is beneficial for people who are using this lamp for reading but do not want to light up the entire room.
  • Unlike traditional bulbs, LED bulbs do not produce heat and thus, there is no threat of heating up or burning a home during summer time.

People can find a wide range of led desk lamps available online. They can choose a size and style of lamp according to their home interior décor.


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