adult mens sex dolls

Last week I purchased an adult male sex doll for myself and I cannot explain how it has changed my life.I’m sure that when you think of sex dolls you automatically assume they’re for lonely men, but I’m here to prove that theory wrong. I’m a happily married man and am always looking for sex dolls new and exciting ways to spice up our sex life. The thought of having something to help me pleasure my wife like this was just too good to pass up.

When I first got the adult male sex doll, I was surprised at how realistic it was. It was eerily lifelike right down to its skin texture and facial features. I could almost swear that it was a real man. Its body was toned and muscular, and its hair was curly and thick. It felt so real in my hands that I was almost scared of it at first.

I was also taken aback by the size of it. I didn’t expect it to be that big, but it was just right. It provided a nice, snug fit inside my wife and we both enjoyed the extra sensations it provided. Plus, with its realistic weight, it was easier for her to move around when we had sex with it.

We also found that we had much more intense orgasms with the adult male sex doll than we ever had before. This was great news for us, as it just meant that our sex life was going to become even more enjoyable. With the extra size and weight of the sex doll, my wife was able to really let go and the sensations were simply amazing.

I was so impressed with the adult male sex doll that I decided to invest in some other accessories. I bought some anal beads and a silicone lubricant to make the experience even better. These extra pieces really enhanced our experience and took it to another level. Our sex was more intense and more pleasurable than ever before and now the sex doll is a regular part of our sex life.

Not only has our sex life improved, but I think that getting the sex doll has also made us closer to each other. It has given us an opportunity to explore new fantasies and desires without feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable. We now openly talk about our sexual needs and openly discuss how we can please each other better.

It’s great to know that I can still enjoy the pleasures of intimacy with a partner while also being able to explore my own desires in a safe and controlled environment. The adult male sex doll has completely changed our lives and we are both so grateful to have it in our lives. Not only has it taken our sex life to a new level, but it has also brought us closer together as a couple. I would definitely recommend a sex doll to anyone looking to spice up their intimate life.

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