bbc sex doll documentary

I recently watched a BBC documentary about a sex doll and I have to say, I was really shocked.This, unfortunately, isn’t a subject I had ever thought I’d be talking about.

When I first saw the ad for the documentary, I was immediately interested. I had heard a few stories in the past about the involvement of sex dolls in what I guess you could call the ‘sex industry,’ but I had no idea something like this utterly bizarre show could even exist.

Seeing the documentary made me feel really uneasy. It’s hard to watch something like that and not have strong feelings about it. The fact that it was an interactive documentary didn’t really help – it’s a strange thing to put on a show that inviting people to be involved with something like that.

The documentary also discussed the wider implications of the use of such dolls, which made me reales that it’s not only disturbing on the level of individual privacy; it’s also very concerning on the level of wider societal morals. The fact that children can come across something like this on a television channel they might have access to is really worrying.

And even more concerning than all of that, I felt, was how normalized the whole thing felt. It seemed that even though this is something hugely troubling, it has still been accepted by people as something we can be complacent about. That’s something that really made me question our society as a whole.

The documentary featured different people with very different perspectives on the doll, which made me think about how easy it systems to stereotype people as good or bad, or right or wrong based on their opinion. It was interesting to see how people justified their decision and action.

Surprisingly, the documentary also looked at the positives that this doll had brought into people’s lives. It made me realise that if something has a good side, then perhaps, this might not be as wrong as it sounded initially.

The documentary showed me a lot of different perspectives and taught me that when trying to make a judgement about something, the best thing to do would be to take into account different views and look at the wider implications.

There was also a lot of commentary on the morality of having a sex doll in the first place. Do you think it’s something that should be accepted and normalized, or do you think it depends from case to case?

The documentary made me think a lot about the commercialisation of sex and dildos how it’s viewed in society today. It definitely challenged how I thought about this subject.

This documentary also brought into play the use of technology in today’s society: how much do we rely on it and how much should we allow it to control our lives? A lot of people involved in this documentary seemed to be heavily reliant on the dolls, so it made me think about to what extent this is damaging to people.

I think what this documentary really pointed out is that technology is playing a bigger and bigger part in today’s society, and it’s becoming far too easy for us to become reliant on it. We need to be mindful of the implications that new technologies can have in our lives.

Seeing this documentary really made me think more deeply about the use of sex dolls and how it reflects on the state of our society. It has shown me that perhaps this isn’t as straightforward as it seems and that there are more conflicting views to consider when making a judgement. What do you think?

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