brake bleeding pump for penis

Visiting the urologist isn’t necessarily my favorite experience, but the recent visit I had was worth the discomfort.​ You probably know about my issues with the enlargement of my prostate, so you can imagine my surprise when the doctor came in and said, “You need a brake bleeding pump for your penis.​” I almost laughed at the thought of using a pump on something so delicate.​ Little did I know how this seemingly odd bit of kit would actually save my life!

Why was a brake bleeding pump necessary for my nether regions? Well, it turns out that a slight blockage in the recliner muscle had been causing the tissue around my penis to swell up, leading to potential discomfort, and even worse, the risk of infection and damage.​

So the doctor told me that this pump was just the thing to get rid of the extra pressure and that it would make sure that my tissue would stay from become inflamed.​ When the nurse brought in the contraption to the examining room, I was a bit taken aback—it looked like a cross between a bicycle pump and a wrench! But once I got over the initial surprise, the doctor explained that the procedure was quite simple.​

After applying a bit of lubricant to the area, the pump was pressed onto the tissue and they started pumping up and down.​ As the pressure built up, I started to feel some resistance and realized that the pump was actually doing something.​ In no time at all, I could feel the blockage giving way and within a few minutes it was all done.​

The relief was instant.​ I was surprised to find that my penis had gone from feeling like swollen sausage to a fleshy piece of pipe! No longer did the area fill up with extra fluid that made it uncomfortable and painful for me to stand and sit down.​

And would you believe, my sex toys life has also improved as a result of using this pump? I can finally make love with more pleasure without the fear of feeling an uncomfortable amount of pressure.​

My friends, if you ever find yourself in a position where you need to use a brake bleeding pump for your penis, do not be shy or embarrassed, but go and vibrators get it done.​ It could be the best thing you ever do for yourself and it certainly changed my life!

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