buddy and i use wife like a sex doll

My buddy and I have been using his wife as a sex doll for the past few weeks. I know it sounds quite weird, but it was his idea and we thought it would be something fun to do. I must admit, it was a bit of a shock for me when he first suggested it, but after a few initial jokes I became quite enthusiastic about the idea.

At first his wife wasn’t too keen, but after a bit of cajoling and a bit of bribery, she eventually agreed to it. We started off slowly, with just a few mild role-playing scenarios. It wasn’t too long before she started to enjoy it and wanted to do more adventurous things.

For one of our sessions, we took her clothes shopping. We let her pick out any clothes that she wanted, and then when we got home, we’d dress her up in those clothes and have our fun. She ended up getting some really sexy lingerie and we gave her plenty of compliments. She was feeling really good by the end of the night.

We even started experimenting with bondage and domination, with her as the submissive one. We were always sure to treat her with respect and to make sure she was comfortable during the sessions. She even went as far as having us help her with a few waxing and shaving sessions.

The best thing about using my buddy’s wife as a sex doll is that we involve her in all the decision-making. We let her choose the scenes, the scenarios, and the activities. We’d always ask for her opinion and make sure she was comfortable. We also educate her on all kinds of topics related to the act itself, to help her become more comfortable and confident in engaging in these activities.

Another great thing about using my buddy’s wife as a sex doll is that it’s given us a chance to have some really interesting conversations. We don’t just discuss the scenarios we play out together, but also a wide range of topics related to sex and Penis Rings sexuality. We also get to share stories from our past and talk about experiences we’ve had with other people and relationships.

Through our sessions, we’ve become much closer as friends. We now have an even better understanding of each other and of the other person’s feelings and desires. We also have a greater appreciation for the variety of ways that people can express themselves sexually.

In terms of expanding the topic, my buddy and I have started to incorporate new elements to our sessions. We’ve started exploring different kinds of equipment and toys to use in our sessions. We’ve also experimented with different types of lingerie and role play scenarios to spice things up. We’ve even started to introduce a bit of power play into our sessions, to explore dominant and submissive roles.

We now have a much more open and comfortable platform to enjoy our sessions. We’re no longer restrained by the usual social boundaries when it comes to sex toys and sexuality. We can explore our own fantasies and desires in a relaxed, open, and safe environment. We have a lot more freedom to express ourselves, both physically and emotionally.

Lastly, my buddy and I now have a much greater appreciation for all the different kinds of experiences that can be had through a sexual encounter. We have developed a better understanding of consent and the importance of communication between partners. We now both know how to better respect the other person’s feelings and needs when it comes to sexual activities.

In conclusion, using my buddy’s wife as a sex doll has proven to be a beneficial experience for both of us. Not only have we become closer friends, but we’ve also become much more educated in the realm of sexual activities and our own sexuality. We have a greater appreciation for the importance of communication, consent and respect when it comes to pursuing sexual pleasures.

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