can using to many sex toys make you bored

I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about sex toys and people using them, but have you ever heard of someone getting bored of using them? Well, I recently learned the hard way that using too many sex toys can make you bored.

At first I was so excited to try out my new toys – they all seemed so cool! I had different variations, vibrators styles and sizes, you name it. I was feeling pretty confident about exploring my sexuality and I couldn’t wait to spice up my bedroom time with my partner.

But after a while, everything started to feel the same. I thought the novelty of experimenting with different toys would never wear off, but I started to realize the thrill was gone. My partner and I had gotten so used to using the toys, nothing felt special anymore. Even the sexiest of toys couldn’t bring my bedroom back to life.

It wasn’t until I started to limit myself to using only a couple of my favorite toys that I started to feel truly aroused again. By using the same toys over and over, eventually I was more aware of my partner’s movements and touches, and even the smallest touches felt electrifying.

I’ve also started leaving my toys in the drawer for days, or even a week, at a time. Then, when I go back to re-discover my favorite toy, it’s like experiencing it for the first time again.

After taking a step back, I’ve also realized that having too many sex toys can prevent you from exploring other pleasures. Instead of relying too heavily on toys, I try to focus more on experimenting with different positions, techniques and fantasies with my partner and this has been so much more gratifying than using toys alone.

What I’ve learned from this experience is that using too many sex toys can make you bored and rob you of enjoying intimacy with your partner. With that said, I think it’s important to create a balance between using toys to spruce up your sex life and truly enjoying the connection that comes from being intimate with your partner without the help of sex toys.

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