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Penis Rings

Wow! I’m really excited to tell you all about closed ended male masturbators.​ It’s one of the coolest new inventions out there and I’m sure you’ll find it incredibly enjoyable.​

To start, closed ended male masturbators are devices that are designed to allow a man to masturbate in a more stimulating and comfortable manner.​ They usually feature a textured inner sleeve that is filled with various bumps and ridges.​ This sensation is often compared to the feeling of a real vagina! The sleeves can be […]

My friend, I have the most unusual story to tell you – it’s about the tubegalore penis pump! This device has been around for quite awhile now, but I recently gave it a try – and here’s what happened.​

I was cautiously optimistic when I first opened the package.​ It seemed pretty straight forward (or at least as straight forward as you can get with a penis pump).​ But when I got it up and running, the results were outstanding.​ I saw results after only a few days – it really did work! After […]