chinese sex dolls 2017

When I heard about the launch of Chinese sex dolls 2017, I was caught off guard. I had heard stories of these ‘living dolls’, as they are sometimes called, but I never thought I’d witness them turning into commodity so quickly. Sure, I understand why they caught the attention of horny men, but what fascinated me was not the gimmick of a realistic female body, but the status they gave to some men. It’s almost like they become Gods in their own minds, who can possess these things of fantasy.

I thought about it long and hard and came to the conclusion that these products could offer some peace of mind to the men who struggled with relationships, but it was still jarring to me that these dolls represent a science project gone too far. They may look passable, and even liven up the bedroom experience for some, but in the end, they are a blank-slate compared to an actually relationship.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t be so quick to judge these men. Most of them are just really desperate for companionship and rather than deal with the mess of the real world, they go for a simpler solution. I can definitely sympathize with that — after all, it’s not like these people are actually getting hurt from it.

I know what you’re thinking – that it’s weird and a bit creepy. It sort of is, I won’t lie. I mean, some of the details these dolls come with goes beyond realistic. But I can also see a bigger problem at hand – these dolls are becoming more normalized, which in turn is pushing the idea that a robot is just as good (or even better) as a real person. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that relationships are complicated and they all have their own issues, but shouldn’t people focus on ways to better navigate and fix them instead of giving in to the idea of robotic companions?

But, if they have no problem with it, I guess I can’t stop them. It’s their decision in the end, and I wouldn’t judge them for it. I respect anybody’s decision to go for products like these, as long as the person fully understands that this isn’t a real relationship and Penis Rings they are aware of the consequences. I mean, you can’t honestly compare a real, emotional, human connection with something mechanical, no matter how lifelike it may be. It’s like comparing oranges to apples.

What I find disturbing is that these dolls come with all these fancy features, from skin temperature scripts, to location sensor, adjustable flexibility and adjustable audio to mimic human speech. It seems like the Chinese sex dolls 2017 were designed to be artificial companions, with all of the distinct features that come with companionship.And vibrators while on the one hand I understand why companies are marketing them as something that can ease loneliness, it’s a bit concerning as well. On the other hand, the increasing acceptance of artificial companions can have some serious implications on people’s relationships.

My biggest gripe would be that people will focus more on the dolls and less on finding a real and meaningful partner – and this is something we need to avoid at all costs. When we start relying on something artificial to replace relationships, we’re kind of managing the symptoms of loneliness rather than tackling the issue head-on. I mean, if the goal was to just satisfy a primal instinct, then an emotional connection is out of the equation.

Overall, I think it’s too soon for us to fully understand the implications that these artificial companions may bring. It may be easy to dismiss this as something crass now, but in a few years we may have an entirely new perspective on it. Whether or not that’ll make it better or worse, we’re still too far away from knowing the answer to that.

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