couple sex with doll

It’s said that living an exciting couple sex life can be a great way to spice up your relationship. When I got an invite from my friends to join their couple’s sex doll night, I was quite intrigued. While I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, I jumped in and gave it a go – to a deeper exploration of our sexuality.

Let me tell you, sex with a doll wasn’t my first experience with any kind of sexual activity, or even just bedroom play, but it certainly was one of the most unique ones. I’ve never felt as connected, as aroused or as into my partner than with my dolly. The sensations weren’t just physical, but emotional too. We felt like exploring each other’s fantasies was almost off limits, so it was as if we were venturing into a brave new world of ultimate freedom.

The way it works is simple. You just have to find a doll that represents your fantasy, then you place it on the bed, strip down to your undergarments and start exploring. One of us would take the control of the doll, while the other just lay there like they were the doll. We’d go through different positions, experiment with different angles, caresses and Penis Rings naughty talk. Even the anticipation of simple things such as what parts of the body we’d touch next could become a real tease.

Weyleigh, my friend who had previously used a doll, recommended us to use lots of lubrication and to move slowly when touching the doll, as if the doll was actually a living and breathing person. We started by touching each other tenderly through the doll, and then we would move our hands as if we were touching the doll’s body parts directly. We soon realized that the doll was a great sexual medium that allowed us to explore our fantasies in a more intimate way.

The night was surprisingly more passionate and intimate than what I expected, and the doll was a great facilitator of that. We also shared giggles and laughs during the night, and we felt strangely comfortable in this taboo-ish experience. Later we even used the doll for sex dolls a whole weekend, combining it with other toys for deeper exploration.

As we reached our climaxes, I couldn’t help but feel wonder and appreciation toward something I’d once thought so strange. Nowadays I can easily imagine the doll as part of my couple’s intimate life. In fact, I find myself suggesting it to other couples to reignite the spark of their relationships.

The experience also made me realize how important it is to explore our desires and fantasies with our partner, for it helps to create more intimacy. A doll can be a great facilitator for this kind of exploration, allowing us to feel free to experiment without any kind of pressure or insecurity.

Plus, sex dolls can be used to experience anal sex, vaginal sex, BDSM play and more, so there really is something for every couple! So if you’re the kind of couple who prefers not to have a third party involved but still want to experiment with something new, then sex dolls really are the way to go.The best vibrators | Engadget

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