did pirates take boys or the ships for sex toys

When people hear the phrase ‘pirate’, they quickly think of a swashbuckling buccaneer on the high seas, plundering and pillaging in search of buried treasure. But many don’t know the full truth behind their sordid lives. Did pirates take boys or the ships for sex toys?

To answer this question it’s important to first of all understand why pirates were on the high seas in the first place. It was because of the lack of law and order, the prevalence of poverty and hunger, and the lure of untold wealth that drew them. But what else did they find?

It turns out that a certain rogue’s gallery of pirates made a habit of kidnapping young boys and girls from ships they plundered in order to use them as sex slaves. These victims would often be kept in tiny quarters on the pirate ship, where they were forced into various forms of sexual servitude. Rather the ships or the boys? Well, it looks like pirate captains often preferred the boys.

As history shows, sex dolls these same pirates would not only keep sex slaves on their ships, but they would also take the tax money from other ships they composed; paying for their human loot as well as the other goods. In the end, it looks like the ships were taken more for their money than for their human cargo.

It was not just pirate captains, but their crew as well who took advantage of their victims. These men would often be so attracted to their captives that they would spend the majority of their free time visiting with them in their shared quarters or off the ship’s deck.

Now then, even though a number of ships were taken more for the tax money than the humans aboard them, it cannot be forgotten that a number of the victims were taken as sex slaves. The unfortunate truth is that boys and girls were both taken and sold into a life of abuse and servitude for the perverse pleasure of their captors.

It is impossible to know the suffering endured by these boys and girls, but it is certain that their lives were changed forever. It is unthinkable what they must have gone through and it is beyond troubling to think that these pirates saw them as nothing more than a commodity and an opportunity for pleasure.

It truly is awful to think of these boys and girls who were taken by pirates never to be seen again, and whose fates remain a mystery. It’s heart-breaking to think what kind of horrors they must have endured before being taken away, or how many never made it off the ship.

Pirates were certainly no heroes, but instead villains who saw their victims as nothing more than a dollar sign and a means of pleasure. Even though a number of ships were taken more for the tax money than their human cargo, vibrators it cannot be forgotten that a considerable number of boys and girls were taken and sold into a life of misery and suffering.

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