do dildos all look like dicks

When I think of dildos, the words that come to mind are “weird,” “awkward,” and “humiliating.” To be honest, I’ve never owned one but I’ve seen them in adult shops, and it’s true – they do tend to look a lot like dicks! But, you know what? They don’t have to…

I remember seeing a dildo recently that was in the form of a multi-colored snake. The toy had a forked tongue, which also was kind of cute! Now, when I think of dildos, I’m not as horrified. Dildos come in all shapes and sizes, and some of them aren’t even in the shape of a penis. For example, there are dildos shaped like animals, like rabbits, and even dildos shaped like fruits or vegetables.

And if you weren’t already aware, you can even get dildos made out of different materials – silicon, steel, even glass! What kind of tickles my fancy is that some companies actually make dildos specifically for the transgender community. Who says dildos have to look like a dick?!

My newfound knowledge about dildos got me curious and so I started researching more about them. I came across some fun facts about dildos that I thought were worth mentioning. Did you know that dildos date all the way back to the sixth century BC? Even the Ancient Greeks used dildos as a sexual aid or as a means of fertility treatment. How wild is that?!

Another interesting factoid I stumbled upon while diving into dildo research was the discovery of dildo furniture. Yes, dildo furniture, ladies and gents! It’s a real thing. Manufacturers of dildo furniture, also known as “sex furniture,” take pleasure to the next level by combining pratical designs with creative dildo shapes and sizes for heightened sexual stimulation.

I had no idea there was so much to explore when it comes to dildos! It’s like a bottomless barrel of hidden surprises and interesting facts. I think it’s safe to say that dildos come a long way since the sixth century BC!

After exploring the topic of dildos even further, I came across some ‘designer’ dildos like Agwa’s 24K Gold Dildo, a premium silicone heat-sensitive dildo that changes color to match your body temperature. Is that cool or what?! Then there’s also the Jett G-spot Vibrator fashioned from black silicone and its spiced up with a soft feathery texture making it ideal for some extra pleasure.

Another noteworthy dildo is the Tenga Deep Throat Vacuum Stimulator, a vacuum-powered dildo designed to simulate the sensation of oral sex. According to its makers, the deep throat vacuum technology creates an intense and thrilling suction sensation. And that’s not even the half of it! There are plenty other designer dildos out there specifically designed for your pleasure, invented by professional and experienced sex dolls toy testing teams.

So, as you can see, dildos don’t always have to look like dicks! Which is amazing, because now people have the freedom to choose, experiment, and explore with the wide variety of fun and eccentric dildos out there. The invention of designer dildos and creative sex furniture makes it even more exciting! Plus, who knows what new type of dildo will hit the market next? Maybe a dildo that glows in the dark or a water-sensitive dildo, who knows?! One thing I do know is that I’m excited to see where the dildo market goes.

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