do sex toys turn you off

When I’m asked about sex toys I can’t help but think, do they turn me off? I’m sure that you have asked this same question yourself. Well, to answer this question, let me give you a little background on what sex toys are.

Sex toys are basically devices and gadgets used to give pleasure during sexual activity. Popular sex toys include vibrators, dildos, cock rings, and anal toys. There is honestly something for everyone in the sex toy market!

When it comes to my opinion on sex toys, I’m definitely not turned off. In fact, I’m all for trying out different gadgets and devices! To be honest, I find sex toys to be a great way to spruce up sexual activity. They bring something new and exciting to the bedroom, plus I find it to be quite a confidence booster when you experiment with toys.

My first experience with a sex toy was actually quite a funny one. I had my first major shopping experience with a real vibrator! The box was so big that I embarrassedly had to place it as far away from me as possible as I queued up to pay for it.

But, despite the funny experience, I actually found the sex toy to be quite an eye opener! Yes, it is a bit embarrassing, but as long as you are okay with talking about it with your partner, why not give it a try? Not only do you get the pleasure you’d expect from a vibrator, but it also makes sexual activity more exciting. It spices up the bedroom and it also helps in building confidence.

Another interesting discovery I made as a result of experimenting with sex toys was that they come in different shapes and sizes. Yes, there are standard shapes like the traditional vibrator, but then there are also ones that are designed to have extra pleasure points. These little extras really make a difference in the bedroom and make the experience even more enjoyable!

Finally, I found out that there are even remote controlled sex toys! With these, you can control what type of stimulation your partner will get from the toy. Talk about a great way to have even more fun!

So overall, when it comes to sex toys, I personally think that they can be a great way to spice up sexual activity, build confidence, and explore new possibilities in the bedroom. So why not give it a try?

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