guy addicted to sex doll

I have to confess, I feel a little embarrassed about this, but I have a friend who’s just declared himself an addict to sex dolls. Now before you judge him, let me explain what’s been going on.

He’s been through a really tough time lately, and he found himself getting swept away in the world of sex dolls. Now I’m not about to explain the full details, but let’s just say it got pretty bad. My friend felt it was impossible to break away from. He was spending sleepless nights with these dolls, and he had become completely dependent on them.

It was not easy for him, but the worst part was when he was faced with the prospect of having to declare himself a sex doll addict. It was a huge shock for the whole family. I was honestly a bit scared for him as we all were. And even though he had all the support in the world, it was really hard for him to take that leap of faith.

I can still remember the day he turned up at my house. His eyes were red and he was limping, he’d been in immense physical and emotional pain. We both sat down and talked and he opened up to me about everything that had been happening. It was clear that he was in desperate need of help, but it was also clear that he was scared of doing something that would possibly mess up his whole life.

My friend had been trapped in this world for too long, and he had become completely reliant on it. He was having trouble making any decisions on his own, vibrators and he no longer felt any connection with anything else in life. I knew I had to say something and give him some guidance, and so I took a deep breath and told him: “You have to decide for yourself. You’re the only one who can choose what’s best for your life.”

He paused for a while, still looking scared and confused. Then he suddenly nodded his head and said: “You’re right. I just need to make up my mind and do what’s right.”

At that moment, I could see the strength and determination return to my friend’s eyes. His entire face lit up, and I knew that he was ready to take the plunge and break free from that addiction.

He made an appointment with a therapist, and started talking about his feelings and his experiences. With her help, he slowly started to break away from the sex doll addiction. He went to support groups, and finally he felt he was able to start anew.

After all that work, I am proud to say my friend is doing much better now. He is still quite cautious about his life and his addiction, but he has gained control over it. He’s finally able to enjoy life again, and his face no longer shows that fear. He has accepted his addiction and is open to talking about it now.

I’m really happy to witness the transformation of my friend and I’m thankful he had the courage to face his problems and take the initiative to beat his addiction. It’s a strong reminder to all of us that we can choose to break away from bad habits and lead successful lives.

My friend has now started looking for a job and has reconnected with old friends. He’s also gone back to his hobbies, like playing the guitar and writing. These activities were something he used to be passionate about and they help him focus on something else besides his addiction.

It’s definitely been a long, tough journey, but one that was ultimately worth it. I’m so proud of him for all his hard work and for having the strength to face his addiction.

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