Hey, have you heard any male masturbate stories lately? Well, let me tell you one, as it just so happens, I have a few myself.​ The one I’m gonna tell you is quite an incredible story.​

So here it is.​ I was away on a business trip in a new city, and I was very stressed out.​ I laid down on the bed in my hotel room and, exhausted, immediately started undressing.​ As I was taking my pants and boxers off, out of nowhere, suddenly, it just hit me.​ I had the urge of doing something I’ve never done before.​ I had the crave to masturbate.​

It was like a wild emotion that I had never experienced before.​ I just felt like something inside me was calling out for it, and sex toys I was unable to resist the command.​ There was nothing I could do, I was already too far gone.​ I found myself enveloped in a warm wave of pleasure that was almost out of control.​

I started stroking and manipulating my erection like never before.​ I touched it and moved it in all directions and used my free hand to play with my testicles.​ I completely abandoned common sense and felt wild and free as if in a trance.​

I looked around and found a piece of fabric which I used as a lubricant to enhance the sensations.​ It was a wonderful feeling that had been imported from another dimension and it was an absolutely unique experience that will remain engraved in my memory forever.​ I don’t know how long it lasted but I was taken up by the moment and entirely let go.​

Eventually, the feeling began to lessen and I relaxed.​ I was finally in complete control of myself and I felt a great sense of peace and calmness that I was not expecting.​ It was like I had rediscovered my desire and passion that I had been looking for in my daily life.​

After this experience I felt like I had gained a brand new level of self-control and knowledge of my desires.​ I felt I had re-discovered my inner strength and freedom and I was proud of myself for allowing myself to indulge in this pleasure.​

And that’s not all, I ventured out into exploring this feeling further.​ I bought a few sex toys online and started experimenting with them, and believe me, they opened up a whole new world for me.​ The pleasure was unlike anything I had ever felt before and I was really getting into it.​

Not only this, I also attended a few masturbation workshops and conferences held in my city.​ This raised my awareness about masturbation and allowed me to learn the ins and outs of various techniques and concepts.​ I even took part in some discussions and conversations with other people regarding their own masturbation experiences.​ It was a really enlightening experience and a great way to understand other people’s perspectives on self-pleasure.​

It was a great ride of a lifetime and I can’t think of anything that could be more stimulating and provocative than a personal masturbation journey.​ And it wasn’t just about masturbation itself, I had also gained an amazing insight into my own desires and learned to be comfortable with my own body and pleasure.​

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