Wow, I have recently been so interested in the topic of how many girls in college have sex toys. It’s not something I felt comfortable discussing with friends at first, but after learning more I started feeling more comfortable with the idea.

To start, it’s really dumbfounding how many college girls are actually owning sex toys. It’s a topic that hasn’t been discussed openly until recently, so it’s not widely associated with college. A few of my girlfriends told me that they were using them not only for pleasure, but also for vibrators a variety of other sexual activities. That’s when the curiosity in me started.

My aim was to find out more about this topic. I started asking around to my other friends and surprisingly, it seemed like every girl I asked knew someone who owned a sex toy! I even remember one of the most popular girls in college at the time, had actually bought one. Another girl, one who was more reserved, had said she wanted to buy one but wasn’t sure of what to get exactly.

I don’t think the same shock or surprise was there for my male friends. Some had been in relationships and seen their partners use sex toys, but none seemed to be as knowledgeable and comfortable as my girl friends.

The more I thought about it, Penis Rings the more I wondered if my girl friends were more likely to own and use a sex toy than a guy. Something inside of me made me feel like there had to have been other male college students who own sex toys, and that my girl friends just weren’t comfortable talking about that part of their lives yet.

Additionally, I asked around to get a better understanding of why people might buy or own a sex toy. Some of my girl friends mentioned that they had bought a sex toy in order to have more fun during sex or to try something new. Others said that they owned a sex toy for health benefits, such as helping them last longer in the bedroom or giving them stronger orgasms.

Taking all these conversations into account, I feel like there’s a whole other world out there of sex toy owning college students.especially female students! It’s an interesting topic that I thought was taboo before, but I’m more than excited to continue learning and discussing it more. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll even join the club!

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