how to remove hair from sex toys

Removing hair from sex toys can be a tricky process. I remember the first time I tried it. It took me a few attempts until I finally figured out how to do it properly.

One thing I discovered is that it’s important to make sure the toy is clean and dry before attempting to remove the hair. I used a damp cloth with a little bit of soap to make sure I was removing any bacteria or dirt. After I had the toy clean and dry, I used a dry cloth to remove the remains of the cleaning product.

Then the real job began. I had to decide which of the many products available on the market would be best suited to the job. I ended up using a lint roller, like the ones you would use to remove pet hair from clothing. I started rolling the lint roller over the toy, sex toys paying extra attention to seams and texture to get as much of the stuck hair out as I possibly could.

Another way I found to take out the difficult hairs is to use a pair of tweezers. This was especially helpful when I had trouble getting at all the hairs in the tiny crevices of the toy’s edging. I used a gentle grip when taking out these hairs as I didn’t want to damage the toy.

A third option I tried was a vacuum cleaner. This was the only method that worked at removing the stuck hairs inside the hard to reach places ingrained inside my toy. It was such a relief to finally get all the hair out and make sure the task was complete.

Once I was satisfied everything had been taken apart, I gave my toy a final clean with a damp cloth. I made sure I was gentle with the cloth as it was a risk of damaging the toy’s surface. Afterward, I finished up and let the toy dry in a cool, dry place.

So there it was, my fresh and clean sex toy was ready to use again. I felt super good about myself for being able to remove the stuck on hair. It was a challenge but one that I was triumphant in completing!

In the next four sections I will explore other methods I have used to clean my sex toys.

I have also tried using a silk cloth to wipe down my toy. This cloth is made specifically for cleaning sex toys and is gentle yet effective. It’s important to be careful not to press too hard, as the Silk cloth could scratch the surface of the toy. This is one of my favorite methods as it is easy to do and it leaves the toy with a nice glossy shine.

I have also tried using a damp cloth with a mixture of water and rubbing alcohol. This method requires a bit more elbow grease from me but it does do a good job of getting vibrators and other sex toys nice and clean. I use the damp cloth to get into all the crevices and coat the surface of the toy, then the rubbing alcohol helps to dissolve any stubborn dirt or oils. Once I’m done, I take a dry cloth and wipe down the toy.

Another way I have cleaned my sex toys is with an electronic cleaner. These are specially designed cleaners that are strong enough to get into all the hard to reach places. They also help to remove bacteria and dirt from my toys in a much gentler way than a cloth or towel. Electronic cleaners are a bit more expensive than other methods, but they are definitely worth the investment.

Finally, I like to use a combination of hot water and soap to clean my toys. This is a great way to break down oils and dirt without the need for a cloth or electronic cleaner. The hot soapy water helps to dissolve any stubborn residue, and it also disinfects the toy. After I have completed this process, I take a dry cloth and wipe down the toy before it has a chance to dry.

I hope this information is helpful in helping you get your sex toys nice and clean. Enjoy your new clean sex toys and cherish them for the amazing fun they bring you.

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