how to sell sex toys at parties

I can’t believe I recently started selling sex toys at parties. It began with a friend’s crazy suggestion! She said I could make some real money, so why not try it out? I thought she was nuts at first, but it soon became my side hustle.

Anyone could do this, to be honest with you. I started out with just a few basic things – lube, vibrators, and other small items. I was really nervous when I opened up my first sex toy bag, but then I remembered my mission: to make people feel comfortable no matter what!

At first, I thought I’d be talking to a lot of people who were embarrassed about their interest in sex toys. But to my pleasant surprise, I found out that most people were open and interested in learning more. I soon learned that just by talking openly and honestly about sex toys, I could help people have a more fulfilling sex life.

I found the best way to sell sex toys was to open up a sex toy showroom. Here, people could browse through my collection, try out different items, and ask questions. I stocked my shelves with some of the most popular sex toys—from dildos to handcuffs to massage oils—and placed price tags on everything to make the process easy.

I’ve also discovered some great tips for how to effectively market my sex toys at parties. It’s important to make sure that I strike a balance between promoting the toy and giving everyone a chance to experience it. I usually make sure to pass out some free samples, and then I go around talking about the toys’ features and benefits.

At first, I was worried that I’d be judged for selling sex toys. But I quickly realized how empowering it can be to help people explore their sexuality. I’ve even started giving out advice to those who are curious about sex toys. I always remind them to stay safe, have fun, and just enjoy the experience!

I’ve also gotten creative with my sex toy selling. I’ve started bringing props to my shows: I bring life size dolls, stuffed animals, and even sexy lingerie so people can truly get a feel for the product. And I always make sure to let the partygoers know that no matter what they want—nothing is off-limits!

I’ve also been experimenting with scrapbooking. I’ve been using my sex toy knowledge to curate special “pleasure boxes” for my customers. Each box contains a collection of sex toys, lube, and even instructional books for people who want to really explore what they’re into.

Depending on the party setting, I also offer private shows. During the private show, I bring out just a few sex toys and explain the features in a non-graphic way to give people an idea of what it’s like to use them. Plus, I always give out plenty of samples so that people can try them out for vibrators themselves.

I’ve been amazed at how well sex toy parties can be. People are so much more understanding and open than I ever expected. Plus, it’s a great way to make some extra cash on the side while having fun and meeting amazing people. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be opening up a sex toy shop of my own—but for now, I’ll just keep it to hosting these fun and educational parties!

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