how to store sex doll

It can be pretty tricky knowing what to do with your sex doll when it comes to storage. You don’t want to just leave it out because it doesn’t look nice to have that lying around, but you don’t want to just shove it in a closet either. Luckily, I’ve figured out a way that works for me that I want to share with you!

I always think of it like you were moving your doll from one location to another. First, make sure all the moving pieces are secure like the joints and outfit. Wrap it up in something that prevents dirt and dust from getting in. I’d recommend a plastic bag and secure it with some tape. Then, place it into a box for extra protection. I like to use the original box that it came in, but something like a large plastic storage bin or cardboard box would also do the trick.

For long-term storage, keeping your doll standing up is my preferred method. I’ve found that it prevents the joints and fabric from getting wrinkled or bent out of shape. To do this, get a rolling rack or something similar that is adjustable according to the size of your doll. Then, place it inside a bag and secure it with ties or straps. This way your doll is secured and protected, while standing tall and looking fabulous!

If you want to keep your doll somewhere else, like a closet or special compartment in your house, I suggest making sure it’s secure. I recommend anchoring it in place in case the doll gets accidentally moved. You want to make sure it won’t tip over or fall off the shelf and sustain any damage. You can use a heavy duty zip tie or bungee cord to keep it secured to the wall, shelf, or whatever else you are using.

To make sure your doll stays in perfect condition, it’s important that you keep it away from direct sunlight, as this could be damaging to the material and colour. Instead, pick a spot in your house where there is consistently a moderate temperature — this will help preserve the doll over time. Also, don’t forget to keep it away from any pets or young children!

When you move your sex doll from one place to another, make sure to transport it in a secure manner. I find that wrapping it up in blankets or Penis Rings pillows is the best way to keep it safe, and using something with wheels, like a dolly, is the best way to move it from place to place.

If you have any friends or family members that are also using sex dolls, you may find it convenient to share a storage spot. Try asking your network if anyone has a toy room or a storage unit that would be safe, dry, and out of direct sunlight. With the combination of your efforts, you can make sure everyone’s dolls are in top tip form.

Generally, taking care of your doll and protecting it as much as you can is the key to keeping it in its best condition for sex toys the longest. Make sure that you’re not folding or bending any parts that won’t go back into their original shapes after being moved. Keep necessary pieces nearby, like spare eyes and wigs, especially if you travel with it.

Remember that just like any other item you own, your sex doll needs love and care too. If you take precautions to protect it from harm and store it in an appropriate place that meets the conditions recommended, your doll should last you for many years to come!

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