how to use vib dildos for first time

I recently bought my very first vib dildo and I was absolutely ecstatic but also very nervous about how I would use it both physically and emotionally. Despite all the conflicting advice, podcasts, and written accounts I’d read, I just wasn’t sure I could make it work. That’s why I wanted to share my experience with you on how to use vib dildos for the first time.

To start off with, I would advise taking a look at and exploring the toy you’ve chosen. This is a very important step as it allows you to find the grooves, buttons, and any other features that might be unfamiliar at first. It’s also important to understand the materials of the toy – as this can affect both pleasure and safety.

Once you know the toy inside and out, the next step is to practice. I found that using a lubricant makes a world of difference when it comes to comfort during anal play. It also helps to keep your dildo soft and squishy, which increases pleasure and ease of insertion. If you’re using a silicone dildo, remember to avoid using silicone-based lubes as this can damage the material of the toy.

The most important step is, of course, ensuring that the toy is securely fastened or attached in any way – this will help to make certain that the dildo does not slip out or detach during play. I was very thankful that I did this as it gave me a lot more confidence during use.

The next step in my experience was to slowly and carefully insert the toy. I found that pressing the toy and feeling the pressure inside was the most rewarding sensation. Once I was comfortable with the feeling, I increased the thrust slowly, enjoying the different sensations that were created.

Finally, when I was ready to finish, I used a couple of vibrating settings. Make sure that the functions you choose are level to the edges, as these are the most powerful and pleasurable parts of the toy. What felt great to me was changing the speed and intensity of the vibration, as this allowed me to really savor the sensations of the toy.

Now that I’d mastered my first vib dildo experience, I decided to up the ante and experiment with different feels, textures, and angles. To really feel the full range of pleasure during anal play, I used my hands to provide direction. This allowed me to reach new heights in pleasure I never imagined possible.

The next improvement I made was introducing a partner. This can be a lot of fun, as it allows you to explore each other’s pleasure in an intimate and exciting way. I found that using the toy in tandem with my partner was an amazing experience, and one that I will definitely be trying again.

In addition to exploring with my partner, I found that using my vib dildo externally can also be very thrilling. I started off by tracing the toy around the outside of my anus before I explored the rest of the body. This allowed me to experience nerve-tingling pleasure in different places throughout my body.

It’s also great to use vib dildos with different kinds of lubes. I’ve found that hybrid lubricants, which are mixtures of water- and silicone-based lubes, help me to achieve the perfect amount of wetness, which is perfect for anal play.

And lastly, once I was done, make sure to clean and dry your toy properly. This is especially important if you’re using silicone-based toys, as they cannot be immersed in water – but instead need to be wiped with a damp cloth. This will help you to keep your toy in perfect condition for the next time you decide to use it.

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