how waterproof is the maia angel sex toy

I recently purchased the Maia Angel sex toy, and I was curious about how waterproof it was. Would it be able to handle a long bath or shower? Could I leave it to soak in the tub while I had a bath, or would that damage it?

The answer was yes – Maia Angel is totally waterproof! I was pleasantly surprised at this, since I’d had a couple of less-than-reliable sex toys before and wasn’t sure what to expect. But I decided to put it to the test, just to make sure.

I filled my bathtub with warm, luxurious bubbles, tossed in a few drops of scented oils, then slipped in my beloved Maia Angel and settled in for an indulgent soak. I lay back in the bubbles, content and relaxed. After a few minutes, I carefully lifted the toy out of the water to inspect it – and it was still as perfect as when I had put it in!

I was completely stunned. No more worries about water damage – this baby was definitely up to the challenge. I could now enjoy taking it into the shower or bath with me without having to worry about it getting ruined.

What’s more, Penis Rings Maia Angel is not only waterproof but also 100% submersible. That means I can take it into the pool or hot tub without fear of damage. It was reassuring to know that this toy was designed with a lot of love and attention, so that it could be enjoyed anywhere, any time.

Not only did I get a great product, but the quality is amazing too. With Maia Angel, I can get a custom sensual experience every time. The waterproof material allows me to get into all sorts of nooks and crannies, so the possibilities for Penis Rings pleasure are limitless!

I’m so glad I chose Maia Angel for my waterproof sex toy needs. Now, I can have a luxurious and carefree experience no matter where I choose to play. No worries about water damage – and no more hesitating to get wet and wild!

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