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My friend, I’m sure we’ve all heard an embarrassing number of “male masturbation stories”.​ So many of us have gone through the awkward phases of curiosity, discovery, and experimentation with the practice.​ It was an intensely personal journey for me, one that I still don’t like to talk about.​ But, hey, I’m here to share my story!

I remember the first time I heard about male masturbation.​ It was from a friend at school who took me to task about it.​ I was so embarrassed and confused! I had no idea what it was, or why he was making such a big deal out of it.​ A few months later, I came across a magazine that had a few illustrations on the subject.​ I was fascinated and intrigued.​ That was the first time I realized that male masturbation could feel good.​

The second phase of my exploration into male masturbation was discovery.​ It started off with trial and error.​ I was learning about my body and figuring out which movements or rhythms felt good.​ I was thrilled to find out that when I masturbated, I could actually pleasure myself!

The next step was experimenting with different toys.​ I’d heard about them before, but there weren’t many options available to me back then.​ I had to make use of what I had.​ I started using my hand and my imagination and let me tell ya, it was liberating.​ I was so happy to have found a way that I could reach the kind of pleasure I was looking for.​

It has been almost fifteen years since my first foray into male masturbation stories.​ I’ve now become more comfortable with discussing it and talking to my friends about it.​ A few of them have even shared their own stories with me.​ They’ve helped to make the subject less taboo, and Penis Rings more of a natural part of our conversations.​ I am thankful that I have been able to progress from being embarrassed and curious to being able to help my friends on their own journey of self-exploration.​

The next phase of my journey was incorporating different tools and gadgets into my masturbation routine.​ Variety is the spice of life, and my self-pleasuring experiences were no exception.​ Vibrators, lubes, and other toys added a whole new level of excitement and fun to my masturbation.​ I remember the first time I tried using lube and I’m still very grateful for that experience.​ I found out that my body loved it!

The most recent phase of my journey has been exploring new positions while masturbating.​ Who says you can’t be creative while pleasuring yourself?! I must admit, at times it did feel a bit awkward but I’ve found such joy in the new sensations that it opened up to me.​ The upturned woman’s cowgirl position is definitely my favorite.​

I’ve also focused more on the mental and spiritual side of male masturbation lately.​ I’ve learnt to be mindful and to be in the present.​ This has improved my experience and taken my pleasure to the next level.​ I’ve also learned to appreciate the beauty of solo sex and the pleasure it can bring to both body and mind.​

These days, I often find myself reflecting back on the journey I went on all those years ago.​ I’m grateful for the awkward moments and embarrassing stories that I shared with my friends, thankful for all the lessons and experiences I’ve gained, and appreciative of all the pleasure I’ve been able to have.​ It’s a journey that I hope will never end.​

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