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I’m sure you’ve heard of the eggplant emoji and the various innuendos it can be used for! I recently stumbled upon an article online about male masturbation tips and it literally included using an eggplant.​ I was stunned – on one hand I was a little embarrassed, but on the other I was kind of intrigued too.​

At first, my mind was flooded with irrational thoughts: will people think I’m a weirdo if I try this? But I’m the adventurous type, always willing to try something new so I decided to give it a go.​

So here are my findings, if you’re brave enough to follow my example! The idea behind using an eggplant as a masturbation tool is that you can mimic the feeling of a “real” penis and use the ribbed skin to reach orgasm faster and more intensely than usual.​

No matter what, make sure you lather your eggplant with some kind of lube before getting down to business.​ The most important thing is not to put too much pressure onto your eggplant – otherwise, you might end up with a nasty bruise in a very sensitive area.​

In my opinion, the eggplant can be a fun and interesting way to explore something new.​ Plus, it’s a great way to get a little more creative in the bedroom! Just remember to be careful and to never go too hard on yourself – it’s all about enjoying the process.​

Another way to spice up the experience is to add different textures or flavors to the eggplant.​ Cut up little pieces of fruit or vegetables and wrap them around the eggplant.​ You can even add things like oil, honey, hot sauce, or peanut butter for an added sensual experience.​

The possibilities are endless so if you’re feeling a bit adventurous, why not go ahead and give the eggplant a go? The only way to truly know if it works for you is to try it out yourself.​ Who knows? It might be exactly what you need to break up the monotony and feel that extra bit of pleasure.​

Now, if you’re feeling a bit shy about using a piece of fruit to get you off that’s totally understandable.​ There’s nothing wrong with that and you can always use other, traditional tools like vibrators, and Penis Rings stimulation for example.​

As with anything involving your health and body, make sure you do your research and act safely when it comes to exploring alternatives.​ Every person is different so make sure to listen to your body and never push yourself too hard.​ That being said, experimenting in a safe way can be an amazing experience.​

You know, when it comes to self pleasure, the only real limit is your imagination.​ Try to be creative with what you have available and see what works best for you.​ After all, you know your own body so make sure to follow your own instincts.​

And to top it all off, having a little fun and indulging yourself every now and then can do wonders to your mental and physical health.​ It helps you to unwind, reduces stress and can even boost your self-confidence.​ So go ahead, and let your imagination run wild!

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