masturbation objects male household

I’m sure you’ve heard of masturbation objects for male households, but I think they’re a lot more complex than people think.​ First of all, let me say that I don’t believe there is a universal “right” way to use these objects, as it really depends on the individual.​ Personally, I use them for different moods and times of day.​

Let me start by saying it felt strange to me at first to have these kinds of objects in my house.​ But after a while, I started to realize the amazing benefits of having objects specifically made for sexual pleasure.​ From improving my own mood, to cuddling with my partner, dildos I can honestly say I’ve found some of the most intimate moments of my life with these simple objects.​

One of the most impactful ways I’ve found to use masturbation objects for male households is to connect with my partner.​ We don’t have to be doing anything sexual to use them! Instead, we use the objects to increase physical contact.​ For example, after a long day at work, I’ll pull out a masturbation object and just lay with my partner, exploring the textures and forms of the device.​ It’s a great way to relax together and build intimacies before and after sexual activities.​

The biggest advantage of masturbation objects for male households is they allow us to explore our bodies more deeply.​ Whereas normal sex toys tend to focus on penetration and external stimulation, these objects provide more sensual contact to our skin, whether that’s through pressure, vibration, or heat.​ I can honestly say the gentleness has allowed me to find hidden pleasure spots I wouldn’t have discovered otherwise.​

But besides the physical pleasure, I think I enjoy the psychological aspects of these objects the most.​ Whenever I use one of these objects, it’s like I’m allowing myself to be embraced in a warm hug of acceptance.​ No matter how anxious, stressed, or guilty I’m feeling, I know I’m OK in that moment and my anxieties can be momentarily forgotten.​

Another way these masturbation objects have had a positive impact on my life is they’ve provided me with a tangible way to experiment with my sexuality–sometimes even when I’m not with a partner.​ I can explore my own body and fantasies to find out what works for me.​ I find this especially helpful when I’m with a new partner and I want to know what kinds of touch and stimulation they like best.​

At the end of the day, I believe every person needs to find their own way to use these objects effectively.​ For me, it’s all been about giving myself the permission to explore my own body and desires.​ Although the objects we have at home are not the same for every person, the experience of using them has always been refreshing and exciting.​

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