2016 New 3D VR Virtual Reality BOBO VR Z3 Glasses VR Box 3.0 Google Cardboard White

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Specifications : Single : 210*155*135MM
Packing : 630*450*495MM
Weight: Single : 510G
Packing :Mao : 21KG, Net : 20KG

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Main Features:

1. The unique patented design, magnets panel pick up, easy to install
2. Turn the knob object distance, fine workmanship, users can wear myopia
3. The focal length adjustment range of up to 20mm, for 95% of the population
4.8 layer nano-coating lens, convenient focus adjustment for optimal clarity
5. cortex goggles, face ergonomic design imported high-quality leather better fit facial contours
6. High degree of resistance to stretch head straps, ergonomic, comfortable to wear and more by loose

3 reviews for 2016 New 3D VR Virtual Reality BOBO VR Z3 Glasses VR Box 3.0 Google Cardboard White

  1. Raffaella

    Great VR Headset! Cheap, Durable & Fantastic!

  2. Julia


    Great product!

  3. Klassical

    I searched through a number of different VR headsets and decided to choose this one. Initially, because it would be my first VR headset, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money for one and then not like the experience or not be able to find interesting and significant materials/apps/videos, etc. for find it worthwhile. But I was pleasingly surprised as this VR headset turned out to be a great choice.

    The only thing that would have made this product better would be to have a “select” button on the headset that would give me the ability to control my iPhone 6s Plus without having to take the phone out of the VR headset every time I wanted to change or select something different to view or play on my phone.

    Other than that, I would consider this to be a great starter VR headset. It has adjustable straps that work perfectly for teens and/or adults, but it didn’t quite fit as snuggly as I would have liked for my 6 year old grand daughter to use it. She had to hold it up with her hand, but that didn’t stop her from enjoying it and wanting to see and play more.

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