SnailVR SVR Glass Virtual Reality 3D Glasses with Elastic Band Google Cardboard VR Headset for 4.7 – 6 inch Smartphone



Specifications : Single : 203*150*133MM
Packing : 255*420*445MM
Weight: Single : 550G
Packing :Mao : 21KG, Net :20KG

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Product Description

The SVR Glass supports a 96 degree viewing angle like the Gear VR. However,the quality of what you are watching will depend on the phone you are using. A phone with 4.7 inch screen and having a display of 720p won’t look as good as a phone with a high definition resolution screen. With adjustable lens, this headset becomes even better as people with near-sightedness can also use them. All they need to do is adjust the focus ring. It is touch and go. The APP comes with ready-made videos which you can download. However, the iOS version might not provide movies to the users, but the Android users might be able to see movies as well. The main use of the SVR Glass might be for virtual reality, but it provides solution to other issues which are there in Samsung Gear VR. For instance, the SVR Glass works with different smartphones, and not only with Samsung smartphones. Any phone which has a screen of 4.7 inch to 6 inch will work with this headset. All you need to do is download the SVR app and insert the phone into the SVR headset and you are all set.

Suitable for 4.7 – 6 inch mobile phones
Special design for myope, 1 – 800 degree adjustable
Ultra lightweight, only 270g
Breathable PU leather edge, protect your eyes
3D picture of the screen effect is super good, awesome feeling
One second to change you phone into 3D cinema and 3D game player, let you enjoy 3D world at anywhere and anytime
Comfortable headband, super face foam protector
APP compatible with iOS 7 and Android 2.3 or above operating systems
Better compatibility For iPhone 6 or 6 plus if use iOS phone
Come with remote controller to control your SVR glass: 2D/3D switch, reset, interpupillary distance, etc


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