IWOWN G1 VR Box Virtual Reality 3D Smart Glasses Head Mounted Google Cardboard Movie Glass for 3.5″~6.0″ Smartphones



Specifications : Single : 205*135*130MM
Packing : 258*425*450MM
Weight: Single : 540G
Packing :Mao : 21KG, Net :20KG

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Turn Smartphones into 3D Virtual Reality Headsets one second.
Materials: Made of high quality ABS and PC+GF. Built for durability with the highest quality materials and improvements to the original Google Cardboard design for assembly in less than 1 minutes.
Lenses: -Large size of lenses to get super wide viewing angle and perfect 3D experience.
-Use PMMA lens and Plate on surface: Compared with other common convex lens, our lens do the least harm to your eyes in the current market. Low dispersion and distortion (<5%): world top team in Optical design,give you a clear VR world. -The lenses is focus on the screen clearly, and clear for shortsighted: 0 degree to 800 degrees. FOV can reach 110 degree, when you watch 3D movie. You can enjoy Games from NIBIRU App directly. Fly through new york, play 3D games, travel the city streets of Paris or become a character in an animated film, all the dream come true.(Recommended Games: Appartment, Sharks VR, Virtual Domestic Experience) Better than Google Cardboard, with adjustable Strap,better Lenses and Sponge. Through various experiments, the Memory Foam on the glasses is the most comfortable with great air permeability. It can effectively protect you from the skin irritations while wearing the glasses. Scan QR code, Download Nibiru App, Enjoy the VR world. Cool design. Focal distance and pupil distance are both adjustable. The inflexible but adjustable strap,lettiing the VR glasses decentralizes the gravity better, making you feel more comfortable. Object distance adjustment: left and right eye can be adjusted separately for left and right eye myopia of different users


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