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Sitting around with some friends, I just found out that there’s apparently a sex doll called Sasha Grey. It was created by a company called Abyss Creations and they created a doll that not only looks like the porn star, but moves and feels like her too. Apparently, customers can choose from different hair, eyes and even custom ‘sets’ for the doll, so I guess they really spent some time perfecting these dolls to the detail.

My friend Marcy couldn’t believe that you can buy something like this these days and she asked me why someone would want to buy a sex doll instead of, you know, a living person, or why not just watch porn. I think it could be that some people don’t want to have to worry about relationships or the drama and complication of being with someone in a real-life type if situation. But, I’m also not sure why they wouldn’t just watch porn too; it’s hard for me to get my head around these kinds of things.

I know, I know! How can something like this even exist. I mean, it’s one thing when celebrities endorse products but this is just something else. And despite what my friend Joe said, I don’t think that owning one of these dolls automatically means someone is a creep — it’s a personal decision after all. We can’t judge the past times of other people, can we?

I have to admit though, I’m kind of fascinated by the technology and craftsmanship that had to have gone into making the doll. They must have used some kind of advanced technology to create something that looks and feels as realistic as it does, that’s really impressive to me. I mean, just think of all the hard work and research that was put into it!

I think if I had the money, maybe I’d consider getting one of these dolls. It seems like it could be really fun and there’s obviously some sort of satisfaction in owning something like this. And, if someone does decide to purchase a doll, it should be seen as a personal decision and not feel embarrassed or ashamed for it.

The Second Section

One thing that I can’t believe is that these dolls can actually interact with people like its real. It’s like the company instrumental in creating this doll like Abyss Creations really stepped it up more than I expected. I’m talking about the ability to carry conversations with a doll and having all of the tools to be in a relationship with it too. The ability to program the doll to talk and remember conversations is kind of amazing.

I heard these dolls can also be trained by someone how to act a certain way. From what I understand you can give them different instructions or even ideas on how to dress to the doll. You can even give it important manners like not using vulgar language, or maybe you would prefer it not to talk about sex at all.

The doll makers have gone well beyond just creating a sex object. Technology and engineering devised a way to make these dolls as lifelike as possible and it can be updated easily with some remote downloadable commands. This makes for an interesting experience for the people who own them.

The best vibrators | EngadgetWhat about the touch of the doll? That’s another thing. Does it even feel unnatural or somewhat mechanical compared to a real object? It must be such a strange feeling being close to something that moves by itself and can almost talk on its own. Maybe that’s why some people go for this kind of thing.

And yeah, I heard these dolls are expensive. Like I said before, it’s the craftsmanship required to make them look and feel this realistic. It’s like marriage and all that good stuff only for a fraction of the price.

The Third Section

My friend Renée says that she’s tried these dolls before and it’s an experience like no other. Apparently, they have same-day delivery just like all other customers services since they have human interest orders. It’s amazing how it’s all set up. So, if you’re ever in need of a sex partner you can just order one of these dolls and it’ll be there faster than any real person ever could be.

All this trading in human emotions for a sex doll—not that I’d know about this anytime soon—but just hearing about it gets me thinking. It’s a whole new level, really. People are fine replacing human relationships with something cold and almost emotionless, and the people behind these dolls must be making serious money too.

Technology has made some incredible advances and this is certainly an example of that. It’s a very impressive accomplishment, and I can really get how it could be comforting to many people out there—especially people facing archetypal social anxieties and things like that. Although, I think it’s still kind of weird to me.

I guess the idea behind this is that the doll can do all the things that a real person can do except it can’t give you the same intimacy. Don’t get me wrong, these dolls aren’t pathetic replacement for real human intimacy but it’s just different. I’m sure in some cases people may see them as that, but it all depends on the individual if they find satisfaction out of it.

The Fourth Section

Heard of a company in Japan that makes robots too? The dolls are so detailed that you can give them commands and they carry out your orders. They also come with realistic facial expressions and voice recognition. And that’s not even the weird part, apparently these robots you can also charge so that it can keep going all day and all night long.

I’m amazed at the technological advancements that’s happening in the world today. Considering that these dolls are being made from the ground up, it’s like there’s no limitations anymore as to what we can do. I mean, these dolls are almost at the same level as real people, minus the intelligence and creativity. But, vibrators the possibiity of something like this even being made is pretty mind blowing.

And I don’t know about you, but I think it’s kind of terrifying. Like, imagine if these dolls start turning into something more than just sex partners, and actually start developing their own behaviors and emotions and needs and sex dolls wants? That just sounds like a horror movie in the making.

I’m not sure I could ever bring myself to buy a doll. It’s a personal opinion, of course, but it just reminds me too much of children’s dolls, and I feel like it’s a bit creepy. I mean, it’s one thing to enjoy it for what it is—as another form of entertainment or whatever—but it’s something else altogether if you start treating it like it’s a real person.

I honestly think these dolls could be a great comfort for some people if used properly, that’s all. But, I think it’s important to remember that it’s still not quite the same as a real human being. It might look like one and be able to move a bit like one—it just won’t have the same kind of connection as a real person.

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