Saying the phrase “piss in penis pump” sounds like a joke.​ However, it’s a reality for those who suffer from incontinence.​ It’s a condition that can be embarrassing, disruptive, and hugely inconvenient.​ I know because I’m one of them.​

Having to constantly worry about if and when I’m going to lose control of my bladder can be completely overwhelming.​ Every time I have to get up from my seat, no matter what I’m doing, I’m constantly looking out for restrooms.​ And in situations where I don’t have easy access to one, I can end up in some embarrassing situations.​

But using a Penis Rings pump has given me some freedom.​ As the name suggests, it pumps the urine out of my bladder.​ All I need to do is insert the tube into my penis and press a button on the control panel, and the device will do all the work for me.​

The device is elegantly designed and very comfortable to use.​ It’s also easily concealed, so no one would even know I had it on.​ It’s a life-saver in those moments when I’m out and a restroom is not easy to access.​ It really does make all the difference.​

The urine pump is also surprisingly effective.​ It can remove up to 80 percent of the urine at a time, and I can empty my bladder in no time.​ I feel much more confident and secure when I’m out and about.​

But, I would say one of the best things about this device is the feeling of being in control again.​ No longer am I constantly feeling on edge and worried about my bladder.​ Despite not being able to cure my incontinence, dildos this device is certainly a huge help.​

In addition, the device is entirely safe, and I have only experienced a few minor issues.​ The most common one is difficulty in cleaning the device.​ Thankfully, the manufacturer provides a list of easy instructions that make the process easier.​

I would say despite the initial difficulty in getting used to, the penis pump is worth it.​ It’s given me back the control of my bladder, which makes it an invaluable asset in my life.​

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