texas city that banned sex doll brothel

I heard Texas has this weird city that suddenly banned this weird ‘sex doll brothel’. I was wasting time, scrolling through twitter and seeing people talking about it. I was so shook like it couldn’t be true. It was too crazy for words.

First off, why the heck would anyone in their right mind open a sex doll brothel? Back in college when I heard about them they were always talked about in hushed whispers. It was like a taboo thing that only crazy people indulged in. But here this dude was open for business.

Anyway what I heard is his business had just opened but then the city council got wind of what was happening and promptly banished the brothel. Apparently it was happening ‘right under their noses’ and they was incensed. They were not entertainment some kinda of seedy sex activity and felt obligated to put an end to it immediately.

I don’t know what those dolls look like, but it just sounds ridiculous. Who are these people that are actually paying for sex with dolls? Do they come out the other side feeling more or less satisfied? I know the dolls are advertised as being ‘realistic’ but I highly doubt it.

Unlike any other stereotypical brothel, this one didn’t have any real people in it – just plastic robots. But apart from that it was still a business functioning with owners and customers who brought the dolls to life, so to speak. All that weirdness aside, dildos I just can’t stop thinking what the heck inspired the person to commit such a ‘crime’?

It must have taken courage to open a business of such ‘ill repute’ right? Or maybe it takes boldness and outspokenness. It would have been something unprecedented in that city and it’s a real shame that it didn’t have the chance to become something much bigger.

Maybe the banishment was for the better — either way, I still can’t fathom why a sex doll brothel needed to exist in the first place. I wonder if anyone involved in the business has spoken out or if they feel ashamed of what they do?

That being said, everyone has a right to express themselves and do whatever makes you happy as long as it’s within the law. But it seemed like this guy had crossed a line and decided to take an outrageous path. It’s a bit weird, and I won’t judge anyone as it’s their prerogative.

It seems like the city council felt the same. The majority of the people in the town must have agreed with the decision as they went ahead with it and ‘nipped it in the bud’.

One could say a line was crossed when people were even entertaining such a thing,but now that it’s been banned, it kind of makes you wonder: Penis Rings What’s the bigger issue here? Is it if you’re wanting a sexual encounter with a robot or if it goes against some kind of moral code?

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