the age most male masturbate for the first time

When I look back at my childhood, I always wonder how I ever managed to go without touching my Penis Rings until 16.​ It seemed like an eternity.​ All my friends had accomplished that ‘rite of passage’ earlier! My older brother, who I still have no idea how he got the information, ensconced me in his room when I was 12 and told me in a hushed whisper that the age most males start masturbating was around the same age I was.​

I was beyond embarrassed.​ I’d been around my brother and his buddies before and knew that there was something weird going on when they would tell ‘jokes’ that all of them found funny, but I didn’t.​ But to hear it from my brother?! That was a whole different story.​ But I was also intrigued.​

And of course, every moment I was alone from that day on I tried looking at his dirty magazines and touching myself, sex dolls but nothing happened.​ I remember this inexplicable thing inside me, this yearning to actually experience what I was dreaming of each night in my sleep.​

Still, I carried on this way for three more years, until one night when I was completely alone in my bedroom—I’d never shared this kind of thing with my parents—I decided to see what would happen.​ I touched myself and gave in to this pleasurable feeling that washed over me.​ I’d finally done it.​

From then on I found myself constantly trying to look for ways to get more privacy to further indulge in this feeling.​ I’d secretly troll through the websites my brother was supposed to not visit, and of course, thanks to our tight-knit community, I heard all about the extra-curricular skills good boys were expected to acquire after they embraced puberty.​ I thought to myself, “Finally! I am in the league now!”

That day onward I would sneak out of my room to be alone in the bathroom for hours to do this forbidden activity, as my parents would never received my pleas for locking the door when I took a shower.​

The experience of now knowing the pleasure between my legs was both exhilarating and embarrassing.​ A confliction of Yin and Yang.​ I knew not to talk about it to anyone, while so many of my friends talked continuously about sex and their adventures during it.​ I wanted to join in but was too embarrassed to ask questions that might betray my innocence and inexperience.​

It’s fascinating how a simple conversation with your elder brother can be a catalyst to your drastically changed lifestyle.​ Everybody hooked up to masturbation differently, but all of us shared a similar connection – we were all a part of a rite of passage.​

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