using eggs male masturbator

It was my friend’s bachelorette party and we were chilling in the pool, drinking and having fun.​ That’s when she decided to buy this strange looking thingy: an egg male masturbator.​ Initially we were hesitant to try it, but after a few martinis and a lot of courage, we decided to give it a go.​

When we unboxed it, we were surprised by what we saw.​ It was like a little egg made out of jelly filled with bait-like pockets and ridges that felt really nice and soft.​ We soon realized that this was something that not only felt good but also had the potential to give us a great time.​

So we set it up and each of us got to enjoy it.​ To start off, I put some lube on it and inserted a smaller egg inside.​ It felt really good and the ridges hitting all of my pleasure zones was just amazing.​ After that I knew I had to move onto the bigger ones.​

When I switched to the bigger egg, I was surprised at how intense it felt.​ It had the same number of ridges but felt even more stimulating because of its size.​ I was already feeling a bit aroused and my body was vibrating with pleasure.​

The next thing I did was check out the circular pockets, which were like tiny little massage paddles that felt really nice and sent tingles all over my body.​ I started rubbing the egg on my clitoris and it made me feel absolutely incredible.​

And then I used the eggs like a vibrator, which was the most amazing thing I experienced that night.​ The sensations that I felt were intense and I suspected that I could be in for a night full of pleasure with this incredible toy.​ I kept rubbing and exploring with the egg until I reached my peak and orgasmed.​

After this experience, I knew I had to get my own egg male masturbator.​ I could not believe how much pleasure it could give me without any manual effort.​ It was a definitely a game changer and I knew I was never going to be going back to the outdated methods of manual masturbating!

Anyway, I got my own egg male masturbter soon after and I never looked back.​ Since then, I have become a pro at using these kinds of sex toys and I just cannot emphasize the immense pleasure they can bring to your life.​ I start them at the lowest setting and just enjoy all the different sensations they can give.​

Every time I use an egg male masturbator, I end up having an orgasm like no other.​ The pleasure feels like a rollercoaster that just keeps building and building until I reach the peak and just explode with pleasure.​ It is just crazy how different and amazing these sex toys can be!

I have also found that experimenting with the eggs can give you even more pleasure.​ For example, you can warm or cool them down to change the sensations.​ I have also discovered that combining them with other sex toys can give me an even more intense experience.​

Another great thing about the egg male masturbator is its discreetness.​ You can keep it in your drawer or even under your bed and no one would ever find out you had it.​ Plus, it is totally silent so you can use it at night without anyone noticing.​

Finally, these kinds of toys are really affordable so no matter your budget, you can find a toy that you would enjoy.​ No matter what your needs are, I am sure you would be able to find an egg male masturbator that would fit your bill!

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