what age do girls play with dildos

Kilgore RoadWhen I was growing up, I would hear a lot of girls talking about playing with their first dildo, but it always seemed like something out of reach. At the time, I was around the same age as those girls, but I never thought I would be ready to play with a dildo, because it seemed like something that only older people would do. But as it turns out, the age for when girls start to play with dildos is actually quite varied.

I recall one of my friends from high school, who was a few years older than us, saying that she had bought herself a dildo at the age of sixteen. But then I heard stories from my niece, who is a few years younger than us, who said that she had played with a dildo as early as twelve years old.

The idea that girls are playing with dildos at such young ages surprised me a little bit at first, but then I realised that it’s actually quite normal. Nowadays girls are growing up in a much more sex positive environment than we did when we were younger, so they are encouraged to explore their sexuality and learn about their bodies from an early age.

I also think that the availability of dildos and other sex toys has also helped girls to become more comfortable with playing with them, as they can shop online for them and have them shipped to their door with minimal effort. Plus, there are also so many different types and shapes of dildos out there, so it’s easy to find something that meets a girl’s specific needs.

Overall, I think that it’s great that girls today are feeling more empowered to explore their sexuality, and that they are able to do that with the help of dildos and other sex toys. No matter what age they decide to start playing, they can find a toy that is perfect for them.

I recently heard from a friend about someone I know who started playing with a dildo when she was just eight years old. Like any parent, my friend was shocked at first, but then realised that it was actually a positive thing. The girl was simply curious about her body, and the dildo gave her a safe and comfortable way to explore her sexuality.

It was then that I realised that there really is no “right” age for when girls should start playing with dildos. Some may start at a young age, while others may wait until they are older and more experienced. As long as they are doing it safely and responsibly, then it’s really up to them when they want to start experimenting.

While I may have been scared of dildos when I was young, I now see them as part of a normal and healthy sexual exploration for any girl. It’s inspiring to hear of girls who have taken that step already, and I think that it’s important to encourage this curiosity and acceptance of dildos as a tool to help girls become comfortable with their bodies.

At the end of the day, it’s all about finding what works best for each individual. For some, playing with dildos may be a great way to explore their sexuality, while for others it may not be the right path. I believe that every girl should be allowed to make their own choices when it comes to their sexuality, and if that involves dildos, then that’s perfectly okay.

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