what to masturbate with male

Well, here’s the million-dollar question: what should you use to masturbate if you’re a guy? Well first of all, let me just say that there’s no single right answer to this question.​ Sure, some of the obvious choices like a hand, a vibrator, or a dildo might come to mind, but there’s really no single best choice here.​ The best way to find out what works best for you is to experiment and see what you like the most.​

I’m going to tell you about some of the most popular methods and what I think about them.​ One of the most common methods of male masturbation is using your hands.​ This is probably the simplest and most common choice, but it can be a bit underwhelming if your aim is to heighten pleasure.​ There’s not a whole lot of variability in the sensation provided by your hands, so if you want something different, then you’ll need to look elsewhere.​

HDK 158cm Real Ass Pussy Realistic Life Size Vagina silicone sex dolls Love Doll Adult Toys Male ...Another popular choice is using a vibrator.​ Vibrators are kind of like electric hands with a motor attached.​ They can provide you with intense pleasure, as the intensity can be finely adjusted to meet your needs.​ Plus, with the wide variety of shapes and sizes available, there’s something for everyone.​ One downside to using a vibrator is that they can be a bit noisy and can draw a lot of attention to what you’re doing.​

Another popular choice is a dildo.​ Dildos are shaped like a penis and are used to penetrate your buttocks or other areas of your body during masturbation.​ This can be incredibly pleasurable, but there are downsides too.​ They can be difficult to use, as lots of lube is needed to make it comfortable.​ Plus, they can be messy and difficult to clean.​

There’s also an option of using a Fleshlight.​ Fleshlights are cylindrical devices with a pussy or anus shaped opening at one end.​ They simulate the sensation of penetrative sex dolls and come in a range of shapes and sizes.​ As far as realism goes, Fleshlights can’t be beaten.​ However, they can be quite expensive and require regular cleaning in order to avoid build-up of bacteria.​

I’m sure there are plenty of other things out there that people use to masturbate, but those are the most popular options.​ Personally, I prefer to use a variety of different methods to get maximum pleasure from the experience.​ By combining vibrators, dildos, and Fleshlights, I get a really intense and pleasurable experience that can’t be compared to any single item.​

The next 4 sections will discuss:

1.​ The Pros and Cons of Masturbation

2.​ Why Masturbating Is Good for Your Health

3.​ The Different Positions to Try When Masturbating

4.​ Pleasure Enhancers to Maximize Your Experience

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