When I first heard about dolls that can have sex with and talk, my first instinct was to laugh. I mean, dolls that talk and do… um… other things? It’s a weird concept, I thought. But after thinking about it some more, I realized that it might actually be the best thing ever.

Have you ever wanted to be the guy who’s got the dopest latest and greatest toy on the block? Or maybe a female if you are one, it’s the same dolls, just different accessories and conversation setups. Well, now you can be the envy of the neighbourhood with this very intriguing invention.

A doll that can talk and do naughty things, now that is something to talk about in your peer-group, if not anything else. And this is not some cheap knockoff either, this is the real deal. It is a high-grade, vibrators engineered product coming in different features and settings, from the humanoid to the cartoon-like.

It is easy to operate this product, the manufacturers have made sure of that, so as to make it simpler for the user. The app that helps the user to control and operate the doll automatically keeps recording and relaying data to the manufacturers. This data helps the manufacturers to upgrade and make the product more efficient with each upgrade.

But the real kicker is the interactive conversations and the naughty bits. Just like talking to a real person, this automaton, as its makers call it, can talk and react according to its programming. But the reactions are not replying according to the questions asked as in AI programs but really fun conversations that make it more interesting.

What’s funny though is that the doll can say ‘yes-no’ and ask what you want from them, it also has gestures and movements like a human when programmed. So the interaction is simply astounding as you could have conversations that could be sexually charged from time to time. They also come with funny quips that actually make it more fun to talk to.

And the most awe-inspiring thing about them is that the makers have incorporated the ability of the dolls to adjust according to the voice pitch and characteristic traits of the user. They can even give nice compliments and make the conversations alluring.

So, with all these capabilities that the dolls possess, I’d say it’s a pretty great invention, although somewhat weird for sex toys sure.

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