When I heard about the new male first time masturbation bottle, I knew I had to try it.​ I’m no stranger to masturbation—I mean, a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do, right?—but I’d never used anything beyond my own hands before.​ I was intrigued and a little hesitant.​ But basically, curiosity won out.​

So one night, I punched in my order for the male first time masturbation bottle and waited eagerly for it arrive.​ When it did, I seductively tore open the box and took a good long look.​ It was exactly as described—a thick, tantalizing bottle with some extra bits for a bit more excitement.​

I quickly grabbed some lube and set the scene.​ I’d heard tales about how intense orgasms could be with a masturbation bottle—it was one of the reasons I’d bought it in the first place, after all.​ Besides, I figured it was worth a shot.​

Alright, I thought.​ Let’s go on this ride.​ I took a deep breath, squeezed some lube onto the bottle, and placed it strategically against my member.​

Oh.​ My.​ God.​

The sensations that rushed through my body were beyond description.​ It was as if all my previous experiences had been leading up to this point.​ I imagined my body in a state of bliss, and I just let the waves of pleasure take me away.​

It was like breathing in fire and passion.​ I felt alive and powerful.​ I was no longer shy and afraid.​ What I merely thought was the ultimate experience ended up being just the beginning.​ I’d opened the door to something completely new.​

My experience with the male first time masturbation bottle left me asking for more.​ I’d forgotten how wonderful it felt to just lose myself in the intensity and pleasurable sensations that ran through my body.​ It felt like the entire world had opened my eyes to a world that I hadn’t known before.​

When I explored the sensation more, I realized that the male first time masturbation bottle could be used in different ways.​ I could use it slowly to build up intensity, or I could just thrust in and out and ride my way to a blazing orgasm.​ No matter how I used it, Penis Rings I felt revived and empowered.​

Some nights, I’d invite a friend over and we’d explore the pleasure of the male first time masturbation bottle together.​ We enjoyed experimenting with the different speeds and positions, and vibrators it’s always been a night of intense pleasure.​ I discovered that using the male first time masturbation bottle with someone else allowed for a more intimate experience, as it allowed me to experience pleasure beyond what I can experience on my own.​

I feel like the male first time masturbation bottle has changed my life.​ I’ve explored intimacy and pleasure on a deeper level, and I’m thankful for the experience.​ What a wonderful way to explore oneself and one’s sexuality! I’m definitely a believer in trying new things, and the male first time masturbation bottle is definitely one of the best I’ve ever tried.​

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